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Freedom is a mindset, the answers are within YOU, who owns the shackles? | HartHaiku.com

Mindfully Free | Are You?

If you doubt the reach and influence of mass media on our psyches and belief systems, click here for an easy and quick visual overview: “The 6 Companies That Own (Almost) All Media”, (in America, as an example), and the multitudes of big name companies they own that feed millions of people their news and entertainment. *Note, some of the information in the article may be outdated, but it’s to give you the idea.

And after you’ve had a look,.. Do you imagine that each of these six media conglomerates are offering a wide and variant point of view? Or rather, do they offer a single point of view, each time with a different spin and spread over many media outlets to express the same ideology and intent? In corporate culture, the system is based on “top to bottom” hierarchy and policy. So the ideology and intention at the top of the media chain trickles from a handful of people downward to influence the minds of millions. (And the next thing to ask yourself is, who then is directing the people at the head of the media conglomerates?)

We cannot be autonomous, free-thinking individuals who rule our own thoughts and beliefs unless we:

1. Apply discernment to what information sources we give our conscious attention to,

2. Apply critical thinking to information we take in, rather than just accepting it at face value,

3. Commit to decoupling from media channels that knowingly apply negative subconscious programming, and,

4. Combine thoughtful analysis with our feeling awareness of the truth.

Questions to Ask Yourself About the Daily News

The daily news affects our thinking, our emotions, and ultimately our collective belief system. Have you ever taken an objective look at it and asked yourself these kinds of questions:

1. “How much do I rely on just one media source for information on current events?” (One point of view.)

2. “Who owns the media I follow, and what intent lies behind the particular slant or viewpoint in the content they are presenting to me?”

3. “Do I accept information I am receiving as ‘fact’ without question?”

4. “What kinds of beliefs are being reinforced by the media content I am taking in? Do they project an expansive world of joy and possibilities, or a world of fear, control, and limitations?”

5. “How do I feel when I am finished watching or reading about the daily news?”

6. “How much is it preoccupying my thoughts and affecting my own personal sense of empowerment in the world?”

7. “Is it really serving me well to immerse myself in it day after day?”

Taking back ownership of our own minds is an important first step towards creating a new world. Our minds are powerful tools of creation, and as long as we allow them to be governed by an externally programmed, single point of view, that is all we will ever experience. What will you choose to focus your mind on tomorrow? Mass media’s projection of the world, or you own autonomous, creative and expansive vision of it?


Susan L Hart Author

Mindfully Free | Are You? © Susan L Hart 2020

The Consensus | The crowd turns their back, stamp of approval denied, conformity rules. | Hart Haiku.com

The Consensus | Rules

A Tiny Tale from The Land of 2020:

“Once in a land not so far away, in a time we can almost remember, “OCD” was the special label The People applied to those who compulsively hand washed. Some even made jokes and laughed openly at their strange fear of germs.

Then in 2020, out of the blue along came a super germ and The People saw the light. They were directed to hand wash much more now, mimicking the behavior that was once deemed Not Normal, so as not to succumb to the mysterious germ.

It was The New Normal.

And those who questioned The New Normal were now labeled Selfish and Stupid, ridiculed and ostracized as a danger to society. Life had changed, and so had the rules.”

Firstly, to be very clear, this post is not in its essence a message about hand washing. Of course you should practice good hand washing protocols. It has been shown to prevent the spread of germs. This story, in fact, has very little to do with hand washing, or COVID-19, for that matter. It has to do with us. It is a commentary on our demand for collective agreements, and our judging and labels.

The behavior is blatantly evident on social media in the mass scramble to define “what’s right”. The real tipoff is the use of memes that use shaming, an emotional tool designed to control others.

Did you know that shame creates a very low vibration in a person’s energy field? It is one of the worst things we can do to another human being, and some are playing the shame card to mold the collective agreements around COVID-19. Should we feel shame for having a differing opinion about anything? Is it not our inalienable right to form our own opinion? Is that not part of being a sovereign individual?

The story is meant to demonstrate:

  • How quickly we come to collective agreements, so we can feel okay about how we think and feel and and also to manage others,
  • How quickly we judge and police those who might be even toy with the thought of not conforming, so we can protect the collective agreements. That’s the way the collective agrees to do it, to feel validated. And,
  • How quickly the consensual reality can shift. Apparently, it can happen in a nano-second.

Just ask anyone living in The Land of 2020.


Photo courtesy Vlad Alexandru Popa, Pexels

Susan L Hart Author

The Consensus | Rules © Susan L Hart 2020