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Spirit | How can something which gives us joy be deemed by them "Unacceptable"?

Spirit | Uncrushable

Someone once told me, “Music is part of the joy wave”. This is not hard to grasp, when you consider that each generation has its music, its sound, that special combination of notes, words and beat that resonates and speaks to its heart and soul.

Post WWII in Russia, there were citizens who risked their own personal freedom to bring western music to the people. It had been banned; only particular Russian music could be possessed and played. This is a story about more than music. It is one of freedom, and the will of the human spirit to overcome soul crushing oppression.

It’s a fascinating story, even if you’re not particularly a huge music lover. Rest assured, there is something that you love as much as they loved music, that you would fight not to lose. The story of Bone Music here:

Bone music: the Soviet bootleg records pressed on x-rays

In freer western societies, it may be hard for people to comprehend not having the simple access to music they love. That basic freedom of choice just is. And yet, is it? Right now there is heated dispute about who should decide and dictate what people can think and say. And I stand back from it and I think, why is this even in debate? Were we not born with the inalienable right to think our own thoughts and express them freely?

Food for thought for your day.


Photos courtesy Maja1700 and aaron0023, Pixabay

Susan L Hart Author

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Enchant | Us

There are these magical moments with nature. The soft sweet scent of a certain flower and a golden apricot sky at sunset are just two that most of us have commonly experienced.

And then there are more extraordinary moments, ones that stand out with a real glow. For me, one such example is the time a lone sea turtle swam along with my partner and I on a snorkeling excursion. He came out of nowhere to join us, and swam for a long, long way, as if giving us a guided tour of his underwater world.

The feeling of connection between that turtle and my partner and I was magical in a way that is impossible to express in words. But, although almost 20 years ago, that encounter still stands out like a precious jewel in my mind.

Sometimes nature conspires to uplift us, to show us the magic and enchantment of life, lest we forget it. And days when we are feeling fear, strife, or disillusionment, a little enchantment here and there is welcome respite.

Sunlight filtering through the clouds has become a classic symbol of ethereal connection, sometimes in a biblical context. Personally, I see tangible expression of the nurturing sunlight that warms our world. Whenever I see it, my heart lifts up just a little bit in witness to that every day magic.

Enchantment is in the heart of the beholder, and it is found not only in nature. It’s all around us, every day, but we must have some sense of wonder to see and appreciate it. Enchantment is part of our childhood stories. Why do we give up that idea in adulthood? Is life so serious that we cannot acknowledge and enjoy it in our grown up lives?

Look for those magical uplifting moments that are all yours and hold them close. Delight in them. Let them be your measuring stick, your inspiration, for what you would like life to feel like, more of the time.


Photos courtesy of Arnie Chou and Pixabay, Pexels

Susan L Hart Author

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Quiet | No babel yammer, honk, clatter, clang clink clunk din, just blissful silence. | HartHaiku.com

Quiet | Hear yourself think

The world is a busy place. And it’s not just busy; it’s also very  NOISY. Many of us are caught up in the frenetic fray, by necessity, far too much for our health. And that translates to excessive exposure to noise.

A couple of years ago, I became aware of the low grade day-to-day stress effect that traffic noise in my neighborhood was having on me. I realized that I was feeling constantly on edge from it. I did some research, and was appalled at the myriad detrimental health effects that noise can have on us.

My partner and I took measures and moved to a quieter area of the city, and near a large park with a river where we can take exercise in nature. If that is not possible for you, but, you’re feeling the negative effects of noise, here’s an article with 5 great tips for carving out some quiet time for yourself, (and why you should): 5 Ways to Find Quiet in a Chaotic Day

And I have a little treat for you. Pause for just a moment, and walk into this tranquil scene. Ahh, sweet solitude and quiet. Can you feel it?


Photo courtesy James Wheeler, Pexels

Susan L Hart Author

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