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Harmony | With intention

What a wonderful vision, a more harmonious world. Let’s not let go of that. Sometimes it’s discouraging to me though, to see how increasingly divisive the world is becoming. Does it feel that way for you too?

Intention is the key word in this haiku. Without humanity’s intention to create it, more harmony will never happen. Intention requires seeing the other point of view, extending an olive branch, forgiveness and understanding, and cooperation. These seem in short supply in the world at large today. The mandate seems more like “make war to have peace”, and, “see it my way or die”.

What happened to the middle ground? Can we find it? Or is humanity completely lost?

Every group has its own “group think”, be it small or large. Attitudes in large corporations tend to be “top to bottom”. So the thinking is created by management, and filters downward.

But how about “bottom to top”? As individuals we have great power to create positive change with our own thoughts, intentions, and actions. It can begin with us. But, bottom to top will require that we practice autonomous critical thinking, and see beyond the group think. That’s where the new vision is to be found.


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Harmony | With intention © Susan L Hart

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Virtual Life | Is yours?

A thought for the day on which to ponder:

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ~ Albert Einstein

What do you think? Has it?  And if not, are we in danger of that in future? Microchips for humans and advanced robotics for various purposes loom in the not too distant future. In fact, microchips have begun already, and are being proposed on a global scale. But consider this: We are not robots, we are human. So is this really progress?

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Virtual Life | Is yours? © Susan L Hart 2019