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Free your Love | Love is not something we manufacture or make, Love already IS. | HartHaiku.com

Free your Love |We’re the keys

Our love lessons are not so much about learning how to love. Rather, they are about removing the obstacles to love. Infinite love already exists in everything that is alive, including you and me. Our love lessons teach out how to access, express and live it. That is, if we choose to learn.

Fear, anger, prejudice,… there are a myriad of padlocks with which we hold our love hostage. The experiences we have around love are all opportunities for self-examination, so we can learn to love better.

This can feel difficult in a world that is expressing so much dissension and “un-love”. But each of us holds the keys to healing it. Consider that perhaps the high tension in the world is a challenge to each of us. That is, to say no to the “un-love”, and unleash a love in this world that has never been seen before.

First we work on unlocking it in ourselves. Then as a collective, we may reveal the world love that already exists and is waiting. We have free will, and we decide.


Photo courtesy Frans Van Heerden, Pexels

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Free your Love | We’re the keys © Susan L Hart

Escape | Beyond the babel, my bliss, beauty, sacredness, soul cradled in calm. | HartHaiku.com

Escape | Your space within

Is it just me, or is the racket of the world getting louder? Lately I notice it’s harder for me to find my inner peace, to hear my own voice. I connect with it easily in nature, but a walk to my park, resplendent with melodic river and soothing eucalyptus, is not always possible.

Hence when a friend invited me to attend a group meditation session, a voice within me whispered, “Go”. In past I have been sporadic at practice, but my deep sense is that now I must solidly commit. My mind, body, and spirit are crying out for it. And I will share this:

Stillness in meditation is not accomplished within a vacuum, the absence of all noise, because your combined environment and monkey mind can never be that. Hence my stumbling block in past, trying to achieve that impossible state. In essence, I was working too hard at it, which was derailing my practice.

Meditation is also not passive. Rather it is an intentional walk through a passageway, whilst using simple techniques to overcome the barriers of noise and mind. Finally, it is a calm “room” you enter at the end of the hall. And you surrender. When you find the knack, the approach, it is effortless.

The reward? I do experience this at other times, most often in my nature walks, or, in the hypnogogic state before sleep.  But now with practice it will be attainable anytime, anywhere:

A door opens to a sacred space, where the divine in you lives. The external world and your own relentless mind-grind fall away to the background. You are still remotely aware of them, but they are unimportant, like tiny fleas on an elephant’s back.

In that beautiful room, you have access not just to peace, but also to divine wisdom. You feel it. It’s very big in that room. You have entered the infinite. For you Dr. Who fans (I am a big one!), this idea will resonate. Think of that room as your Tardis, a place for your soul to rest, escape, explore, discover.

I will now purposefully make space for more meditation, because the crucial point the session demonstrated was its importance. And I hope in the reading of this, you will be inspired to do so too. It’s our safe escape from the chaos, and one we sorely need, now more than ever.

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Escape | Your space within © Susan L Hart

Breathe | Din, smog, concrete, grit, my soul despairs of respite. Park waits patiently. | HartHaiku.com

Breathe | Take a break

Big cities are high energy and fast-paced. Sometimes nothing can beat the excitement of adventuring a new one. I’ve been fortunate to visit some of the biggest in the world, and there are many I’d still love to experience. Paris and Rome are two on my wish list!

Then comes the drain

However, the downside of cities is that it can be extremely depleting to live in one full-time. The subway system in Hong Kong is one of the best in the world, and fun to ride as a tourist. But, I observed the residents carefully in the time I visited. People constantly sandwiched into crowded places, faces planted in their cell phones. There was little connecting with other people, smiling or even making eye contact. Everyone just seemed to be enduring their own personal grind, surrounded by soulless cement.

Be in tune with body messages

It is very important to be cognizant of the drain on our energy in cities. Sometimes it can be difficult or even impossible for city dwellers to escape to green space for a reprieve from the pollution, noise, and crowds. I realized about a year ago that the traffic noise near my house was constantly making me feel on edge. It was a low grade, incessant drain that at first was easy to block out. But there came a time when I realized it was slowly sucking the life energy out of me.

Find your piece of green, today

So as much as I hate moving (who doesn’t?), I bit the bullet and did it for my physical and mental health. My partner and I are now installed in a new neighborhood, which is a short 5-minute walk to green space with a large park and river. I head there frequently for my “nature medicine”, and I’m feeling in better balance these days. And never underestimate the power of even a little patch of nature to energize. If outdoor green just isn’t easily attainable, how about a mini-garden on your windowsill?


Such simple medicine, but so potent. There’s a great Time article about embracing nature as a mood booster. What Green Spaces Can Do to Your Mood is well worth the short read.

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Breathe © Susan L Hart

Wild Interlude 1 | Sunlight warms my face, heady green perfume lures me. River winds slowly. | HartHaiku.com

Wild Interlude 1 | Essence

Walk into this beautiful scene, just for a moment.
Feel the warm sun drenching your body.
Breathe deeply the sweet smell of green on the soft breeze.
Hear the gently trickling, soothing water.
Relax your muscles, and your mind. Go to that place in yourself that is wild and unencumbered.
Remember the essence of you.


Inspirational Quote:

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature, the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” ~ Rachel Carson

“Not just beautiful, though – the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they’re watching me.” ~ Haruki Murakami

“and when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.” ~ Ruskin Bond

Photo courtesy Brandon Montrone, Pexels

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Wild Interlude 1 © Susan L Hart