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Rejuvenate | When city voids me, I flee to garden refuge. Hummingbird dances. | HartHaiku.com

Rejuvenate | Your energy

It’s the weekend! For many people (and hopefully you), this means a little reprieve from work. I know,… there are chores to do, shopping to get done – the demands of life are never ending.

But I urge you, if you possibly can – walk, run, drive to the nearest garden, park, or conservation area – and breathe in some green. Listen to the wind in the trees, feel the sun on your face (or the rain, if that’s the case). Surround yourself with the splendid beauty and abundance of Nature. Whether you know it or not, you are very connected to her. And nothing pleases her more, than to please and heal you.

There are many good articles about the benefits of spending time in nature. Here’s a quick read for you, 11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors.

If you’re a city dweller and don’t even know where the nearest park is, it’s been way too long! And if you won’t take my word for it, then perhaps you’ll heed the wisdom of these famous people:

Inspirational Quotes:

Look deep into nature, and then you understand everything better. ~ Albert Eienstein

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. ~ Aristotle

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

The earth has music for those who listen. ~ William Shakespeare

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We Are One | Oh tiny droplets, all part of one Great Ocean! Feel the surging wave? | HartHaiku.com

We Are One | Connectedness

During my early 20’s, I began reading many books on metaphysics and spirituality. Ideas that my mind had independently explored for years demanded it. I voraciously absorbed the knowledge logically, but there came a moment in Point Reyes, California, when I assimilated it all at a feeling level. As I stood on a tiny platform looking out over the vast azure Pacific, my body tingled all over. I felt deeply my bond with this seemingly boundless body of water, and I understood the infinite nature of my soul and our connection to everything.

The wisdom we are born with can become lost

Looking back I realize that my childhood self had already known this, but the logical world around me at the time did not support it. So, I had constantly questioned my own intuitive wisdom. Later, reading and exploring the ideas written by other people brought me into alignment with truths that already existed within me. In fact, that visit to the ocean brought me full circle back to myself. I do believe we are born with wisdom that is inherent. But our society values logic first and foremost, which can cause us to lose touch with it as adults.

Quest for meaning outside the box

Fast forward another few years, and my partner and I sold everything we owned and began traveling. We almost immediately befriended a free spirit surfer/photographer named Jim Welch. When you are passionately searching and you ask, the universe will work its magic and bring the right things and people to you. We were all on a similar quest, to find some meaning in life outside the standard formula. I interviewed Jim about his personal experiences and philosophies, and wrote my first story during our travels (published by Escape Artist), called One Wave. And the journey continues…

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We are One © Susan L Hart 2019

Respect Earth | Garbage on oceans, Pachamama weeps hearbreak. Her children are lost. | HartHaiku.com| HartHaiku.com

Respect Earth | She needs us

Our ability on this planet to deal with the unimaginable garbage we produce will require a different mindset. I don’t like the idea that solutions to problems are so great that they are “out of our hands”. You will see that as a recurring theme in my writing. We have power within us to create change. We have just been increasingly conditioned to believe that we don’t!

Waste is a result of our mindset

This issue is global, but particularly in affluent Western society, a throwaway mindset has developed over several generations. Our grandparents or great-grandparents who lived through the Great Depression would shudder at the waste mentality. They hoped we would live a better life, and yes we do. Or do we? Look where it has taken us.

Every problem has a root cause. Waste starts at home. It begins with gross consumerism and an instant gratification mentality. And, that we need things to make us happy. There is a vast internal void in humanity, represented by the wasteland of junk in our garbage dumps. Did you know that recycling (at least in its current rendition) cannot keep up? (See two articles below.) It is right there in front of us! How can we miss it?

Re-evaluating our core values

Consider this as a takeaway today: In what ways are the core values that we embrace as a “good way of life” and “success as a human being” contributing to the global problem of waste? We can blame large corporations (and yes, they play their part). But as long as we feed our own insatiable need for “stuff”, we will be faced with this dragon.

Just say “NO”. More thoughts at my previous post: Respect for the land

Two good recent blog articles about the changing face of recycling:

America has a recycling problem. Here’s how to solve it.
The problem of recycling and the key to moving beyond it

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