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Civilized | Are We?

Lately I stand back and ask myself: “How civilized are we, really?”

How can it be in a civilized world that we are increasingly unwell, whether by large-scale viruses or just due to poor diet and personal care? (That is the case even in the richer Western countries.)

How can it be in a civilized world that there is increasing bickering and dissension, every party and camp throwing stones at each other, calling each other liars? Division has been unleashed like a rabid dog, snarling and gnashing its teeth. Coronavirus aside, humanity is being ravaged by a disease called Hate.

How can it be in a civilized word that the Earth who supports and nourishes us is as sick as we are?

The answer is: “It can’t be.”

We are not civilized. The sooner we wake up to that fact and see beyond the delusion, the sooner we can start to build a truly civilized civilization.

The meter is running, and it’s running faster by the minute. Soon we will not be able to afford our blindness. We are very close to bankrupt. Civilizations come and they go, and so will we if we do not change. We do not need a virus to kill us; slowly but surely we are doing that to ourselves.


Photo courtesy Dave Meckler, Pexels

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