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You do, you do, you do… have magic within you! How do you tap into it? You were born with powerful tools at your disposal; I urge you to use them:

  1. Your mind (power of thought)
  2. Your heart (expansive love connects you to it All)
  3. Your higher knowing (also known as intuition, or your third eye)

Some articles to get you going:

A pragmatic read from Live Your True Story: The Power of Thoughts

From Lonerwolf, a look at the infinite potentiality of love: 8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

And a post from the late Stuart Wilde, (Stuie, we miss you!): Higher Knowing

Time to dust off your tools; I have seen them at work in my own life. When you harness your inner power properly, real magic can happen. No fairy godmother wands here. You carry it all within you!

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